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Vintage Brass Shoe Ashtray

This vintage brass ashtray is perfect for your ecommerce store! Offer a bit of history and classic design together in one place!

Shoe Ashtray Miniature Metal Ashtrays India
Ornate Man's Lace Up Shoe Ashtray 5.75
Mini Ashtray’s Slipper Shoe Etched Design

Vintage SET OF TWO Brass

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Top 10 Vintage Brass Shoe Ashtray

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Cheap Vintage Brass Shoe Ashtray

This unique and unique brass shoe ashtray is made frommosaic stone and is made in india. It is perfect for holding your shoes while you walk or ride. The mosaic stone is high-quality and smooth, making it a perfect choice for any shoe storage project. this charming brass shoe ashtray is made of recycled brass and is designed to look like a nature's way to say "whew! That was short and blank!? ". It has a beautiful floret design and is inlaid with diamond-shaped brass coins. It is perfect to display balances and coins with a like amount. this vintage brass shoe ashtray is a excellent way to remember your shoes by the their oldies but goodies. The pink paint give it vintage look and the brass slipper is a great touch. This ashtray is a great addition to any collection. this is a vintage brass shoe ashtray that has been detailed with etching and relief design work on the finish. This ashtray is for use as a cigarette incense burner or as a tool forsalon art photography.