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Vintage Brass Ashtray Stand

This beautiful vintage brass ashtray stand is a perfect addition to any room. It is made from beautiful glass prismbrass art deco material and features a beautiful1963 calendar art deco design. This stand is sure to give your desk a more.

Best Vintage Brass Ashtray Stand

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Vintage Brass Ashtray Stand Ebay

This vintage brass ashtray stand is a great addition to any room! It is made out ofcrystal marble brass and is a perfect addition to any ashtray stand! this beautiful brass ashtray stand is a perfect addition to any room! It is made from crystal prism glass and is in great condition. It is perfect for holding ashtrays or smoking cigars. With its cast iron pedestal brass art deco smoking stand, you'll be easy to get started in your smoking schedule. this vintage brass ashtray stand with match holder is a beautiful addition to your home. The stand is from the era of matchbooks and ashtrays, so there are a few interesting history moments involved in using them. The stand has a sturdy build and is about 20 inches long by 12 inches wide by 12 inches deep. It is made of brass and is in excellent condition.