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Rose Brass Trombone

Rose brass trombone is back and better than ever! This beautifully sumptuous trombone is a must-have for any rose-based music career! With new cases and a satin brass overhauled, this trombone is completely.

Bell, Jtb700vr
Bell, Jtb720vr
Bell Bass Trombone New In Box
Yamaha YBL 321 Bass Rose Trombone Overhauled

Yamaha YBL 321 Bass Rose

By Yamaha


Conn Valve Silver Plated Trombone Overhauled  New.Case #1886
C.G. Conn Model 88HO 'Symphony' Professional Tenor Trombone OPEN BOX

Rose Brass Trombone Ebay

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Top 10 Rose Brass Trombone

This is a great trombone that has been over-hauled and ready for use. This case offers 45 notes with no feedback. The trombone is still sounds great. This is a great trumpet for live performance or as a practice instrument. this is a great opportunity to have a trombone that will perform excellent music. This particular trombone is in excellent condition and is completely updated. It is also over- timing ready. This trombone is the perfect choice for performing brass music. You will need a few things: a trumpet or over- trumpet size brass key, amexico-made brass screws, and a small wrench. The trombone will also come with a small case. this wonderful brass trombone is in excellent condition with no nicks or dents. It includes an old case and includes the overhauled insert. This trombone is perfect for any performance or release public. this is a new case for the 36 stradivarius tenor trombone brass trombone. It is overhauled and ready to play. The brass is in great condition and the case is made of heavyduty metal. This case will protect your brass and make it easy to store.