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Horse Brasses

This is a great opportunity to purchase a set of five brass medallions. The medallion set contains five high-quality brass pieces. It is perfect for a special someone, or a special group of friends. These set of five brass medallions will make a beautiful addition to your horse's brasses.

Horse Brass

There's a lot of talk about horse brass and brass alloying in the fashion industry these days. But what are they? and what are their benefits? brass is a type of metal that is composed of the elements copper and nickel. It's a strong and strong metal, great for machines and other machines. The copper and nickel alloys of horse brass are even more strong and durable. And they have a lot of benefits too. the copper and nickel alloys of horse brass are three times as strong as the common copper alloys. They also have a higher melting point so they cook quickly in hot weather. The common copper alloys are very soft and easily corrode. so horse brass is a great choice for machines that need strong, durable metal working against them. You can find the alloys that are right for you by brassi. Biz or in store.

Brass Horse Harness Decorations

This elegant brass horse harnessiations is perfect for a modern or retro inspired home or office. The beautiful brass and enamel medallion thistle is a great addition to any room. It can also be used for a todler's or flower girl's hair or necklace hanger. this is a great opportunity to own a vintage horse brass harness and medallion bridle ornament. The plant is a tuber and will grow quickly, so the horse will have something to eat and drink, and will be an addition to your garden. This garden item can also be used as a cultivator to grow other vegetables or flowers. this is a beautiful vintage horse brass bridle harness with a star design in the center. The harness is made from brass and is comfortable to wear. this is a 5 vintage horse brassmedallions on black leather strap bridal harnesses. The horse has numerous years of use and wear, with some surface wear. The horse is from the era of the 18th century, and is now on display at our shop.