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Glock Brass Magwell

This is a big, hard-to-resist magwell from big mouth. It's aluminum and brass, and it comes with a 1056 round. The magwell is large and clear, and it slides correctly into the glock, without having to be pushing or feeling. This is a great choice for those who love to shoot their guns brass.

Best Glock Brass Magwell

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Top 10 Glock Brass Magwell

This magwell is made of aluminum and has a loud noise when it is opened and closed. It is also made of imported brass, which makes it look great. this magwell is made of big mouth aluminum and has a brass insert that allows the glock to function with a large capacity. The magwell is able to hold a total of 10. " this is a brass magwell that we sell that is 4\6" in size. It is made out of big mouth aluminum and fits the glock model 1056. This magwell has an insert that is 1056 size and is made of brass. It is helpful for people who want to use a glock with a 1056 triton cartridge. It is large enough to hold a. And b. Mags without having to remove the magwell. This magwell is also keyed for +12 power and 3-position mag well.