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Brass Pitcher Pump

This brass pitcher pump is a great addition to your antique pump collection. This pump is made of cased iron and has a water pitcher on it. It is a great addition for your pump room or for using when watering the garden. This pump is also great for cleaning the water in a water maze.

Brass Pitcher Pump Ebay

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Brass Pitcher Pump Walmart

This brass pitcher pump is a vintage old world miniature pitcher with a well-pitched curve and a little bit of a "sour" in the flavor. It's a great ornament for the christmas holiday! this cast iron pitcher pump is for the perfect portable outdoor decor. With an adjustable cap and deep well drive point, this pump can be set to suit any size or well drive point. Whether you're using it for colour or size, this pump is a must-have for any outdoor set up. this cast iron pitcher pump is a great option for those that need a strong and strong pump. This pump is made from anodized aluminum for maximum strength and durability. This pitcher pump is also easy to operate and makes several large, whooshing noises. this brass pitcher pumpkin garden ornament is a great addition to any outdoor area. The pumpkin pitcher can be chopped down to create a small garage or garage costalumicum outdoor area. The brass pitcher can be customized with a different design or a from a loved one. This beautiful garden pumpkin pitcher is a perfect, unique addition to any outdoor area.