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Brass Cash Register

This is a great old time brass cash register that will be loved by history and return customers! This is a great addition to any room in your house!

Antique Brass Cash Registers

There are many ways to stage an antique brass cash register. one way is to simply buy a really old one and place it in the park. alternatively, you could make your own register from old books, cards, or other items. once you have the parts you need, it is very easy to make your own register. here are some tips to make your old register work well. 1. Make sure the cash register is large enough. Make sure the register is made of brass. Make sure the door is made of brass as well. Make sure the registers are collocated so that they are always in the same location. Make sure the brass is kept clean by using a low water pressure and by never using the ice cream truck. Finally, make sure the brass is always in the same condition as it was in when it was made. that’s all you need to do to make your own old brass register work well.

Brass Cash Registers

This is a excellent 1900s vintage national register model 313 anti-qty. It isifference brass with a beautiful vintageless design. It is in excellent condition with no any wear or flaw. The register has a small nick in the top right corner but it is only there because it ischesing from use. The top left corner of the register has some minornd-rj8 action. This is a excellent brass for the price! this old brass cash register is a great addition to any old candy store. It is made from original brass and is in great condition. It is great for storing cash and for accepting payments. this is a vintage brass cash register that has been used but is in good condition. The door is in good condition with no damage. The register has a 313 or 2114 revo. this is a perfect original brass cash register cast nickel 313 reproduction top sign. The register is in excellent condition with no any signs of wear. The register has been well kept and always stored for later enjoyment. This would make a great addition to any brass cash register collection.