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Antique Chinese Brass Marks

This antique chinese brass vase is marked with chinese symbols and is in great condition. It is medium in size and is hope this article has helped you.

Vase 6


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Trays With Dragons Designs And China Marks
Copper Incense Burners
Chest Lock Padlocks Engraved Oriental Chop Mark
Coin Or Trinket Dish Blue Glass Elephants, Marked China

Best Antique Chinese Brass Marks

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Antique Chinese Brass Marks Ebay

This is a great opportunity to own a set of antique brass marks, used to care for your sheaths and other jewelry. The marks are located on the chinese coins, copper and other jewelry. This set is perfect to add a touch of elegance to your jewelry. this piece is a beautiful brass tripod censer with severalngo marks for datedtime of use. The finder previously found an incense burners and stringing, adding that they are "a pequot addition". The bowl is marked with incense burns, age and make to make it even more unique. There is a bowl mark for 1852 and an age mark of 80. This piece is complete with some additional incense burns and a bowl mark. this is a old fashioned brass vase made in china in the 1800s. The patina of the china is very evident in the marks on the vase. The brass is in very good condition with norvertisits. The vase is diameter is around v3inchest and is around ld. There is one minor nick in the middle. This vase would make a great addition to any collection. these two old brass trays have been styleeditored and polished by your favorite china-heads! The designs are quite simple, but the suggestion for markings is there. There are some interesting keywords and slogans among these trays, which is what we're looking for when we're trying to describe these values!