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Antique Brass Fishing Reels

This early antique fishing reel is raised on raised pillars and features a raised pillars dateline on the body. The reels are in excellent condition and appear to have never been used. The word "antique" isarrettally written in gold on the raised pillars. Each reel is characters in size. The reels are finished with a dark brass nichrome and have the antique brass logo on the front. These fishing reels are a great investment or gift for a antique brass lover!

Fishing Reel By 4 Brothers Mohawk Trade Mark
Fly Fishing Trout Reels
Fly Fishing Reel Gow & Sons Makers Dundee
Ball Handle Fishing Reel Circa 1870's


By Bradford & Anthony


Fishing Reel ~ Pat 1907 & 1923
Fly Fishing Reel
Edward Vom Hofe Ny Fishing Reel

BRASS Edward Vom Hofe NY

By Vom Hofe


Vintage Brass Fly Fishing Reel

If you're looking for a great brass reel to fly fishing, the siena bronze is a great option! This reel is made with high-quality brass materials and it comes with a warranty. It's perfect for anyone who loves fly fishing, and it's also affordable.

Brass Fishing Reel

The brass fishing reel from pflueger is a great classic style reel with a bright, attractive paint job. It is currently this reel that is in excellent condition, with no issues whatsoever. This reel is a great choice for anyone looking for a classic design and excellent quality at the same time. this brass fishing reel is perfect for anyone looking to brass fishing. It is lightweight and easy to use, making it a great choice for anyone looking to start brass fishing. the antique brass fishing reel is a great way to bag a caught fish on the side of the road. The brass handle is has the age and patina of a well-used reel, making it easy to use and maintain. The reel is alsotain affordable and easy to find at a hardware store. the antique weekes son 2 brass fishing reel is a great way to maculate your fishing without having to worry about getting pulled through the mesh! This reel is also heat and oiled for better performance. It has an old world look and feel that is perfect for fishing old brass triangles, crab or shrimp.