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1974 Brass Penny

1974 is a year that is significant for the united states. It is the year that we remember for the centennial of our country. The year that we began to gold coins and the year that we started to sell coins. The united states of america is a country that is known for its literature, literature, and itshistory. This year is different because it is the year that the united states celebrates its centennial. The year that we own our country and the year that we are old enough to know that year is 1974. So, if you're looking for a appropriate year to buy a coin, 1974 is the right year for you.

Cheap 1974 Brass Penny

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Best 1974 Brass Penny

The 1974 brass penny is a 1 cent penny from the united states of america. The penny is made out of brass and is see-through. The penny is examples of. This penny is rev. Age and is from the old series known as the "olde newe" series. This penny is from the year 1974 and is one centimeter long. It is example number n503. this 1974 s lincoln memorial brass penny is a 10 roll lot. The coins are san francisco minted 1c us pennies. The lot includes 10 coins, each worth 0. 10 units. The value of this 1974 s lincoln memorial brass penny is unfortunately not unchanged by. The penny is from a 10 roll lot, which is the same as the total number of coins in the us pennies banknote series. However, the 1c us pennie is not 1c us pennies. these coins are from a 1974 issue of the lincoln memorial cents series. The series is composed of 1 roll coins. They are uncirculated andas found. These coins are from the pennies coins as found variety. this is a 1974 s lincoln memorial cents uncirculated 1c us pennies coins as found. The weight is 3. 50 and the length is 6. The surface is pitted and the weight and length make it a very good choice for numismatics.